Hot Water Cylinders

We can replace, maintain and upgrade your hot water cylinder. Inquire now about upgrading your low pressure hot water system to mains pressure – you won’t believe the difference! Watch out for specials on Hot Water Cylinders here …. For more information, or to know what type of hot water cylinder you have please contact more »

Lufdon Plumbing 10 Point Checklist

Check all basin and sink taps for leaks and function Check all basin, shower and sink drains Check water purifier’s expiry dates Check dishwasher hoses and connections Check washing machine hoses and connections Check all exposed hot and cold water supplies Check gully traps for leakage/blockages Check all hose taps for drips/leaks Check all toilets more »


From a dripping tap or blocked toilet to a burst pipe – we can do it all!  No job is too small. Better still, contact us for the Lufdon Plumbing 10 point check for just $35.00.  Using the checklist below, we can identify any potential issues before they become a problem.  Any repairs that may be needed more »
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